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Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson -
Senior Property Manager

The role of senior property manager requires exceptional energy, complete professionalism and a consistently reliable work ethic of anyone who takes on such a demanding position. It’s immediately clear that Amanda possesses such attributes in abundance. Not only do these qualities complement her approach to her property management, they are also significant reasons for Amanda’s drive to success in her other passion – ironman competition.

Recently the recipient of a pro licence, Amanda is now qualified, on the basis of her performances in events such as the Hawaiian Ironman, to pursue further achievements in one of sport’s most challenging disciplines. Her commitment to training up to 30 hours a week obviously necessitates outstanding organization, time management and prioritization skills – all of which Amanda applies with equal effect to the portfolio of properties in her care.

Experienced and expert at putting systems and procedures into place that ensure consistency of management across all RT Edgar’s properties, Amanda is natural high achiever – at work and play!

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