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Beryl Jones

Beryl Jones -
Property Manager

Occasionally you hear people say experience counts. … but what do they mean? With literally decades of experience within property management, Beryl Jones quite simply personifies this declaration, as she can be counted on to deliver consistent and dependable results year in, year out for our clients. Whether it’s operating in her primary role as Trust Accountant for the rentals team, or as a Property Manager, Beryl brings a wealth of experience and maturity to her work that simply cannot be repeated.

Having worked, lived and invested in the Bayside area for many years, Beryl knows every street, every nook and every cranny of the marketplace we and our clients hold dear. If you haven’t met or spoken to Beryl before, you may run into her on the cycling tracks around Bayside, out on the bay paddling her kayak, or in the wineries of the Yarra Valley

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