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Holly Longmuir

Holly Longmuir -
Managing Director

Holly’s real estate career started at a very early age, answering the phone at home; “Williams real estate can I help you”. It was the family business. Her father John Williams was a prominent real estate agent and the owner of ‘Williams Real Estate’ in Williamstown. Her grandfather, brother, uncle and cousin were/are real estate agents – to say it’s in her blood is an understatement!

From sixteen she was working on weekends at open for inspections, and at eighteen had moved into property management and then onto sales and into a management role, becoming proficient in all aspects of the family business.

The past seven years have been spent honing her skills at Box+Dice; a premium real estate software provider. As part of the management team, she was responsible for business growth and has helped take the company from a small suburban outfit to a multi-million dollar Australia wide company. Having consulted to the industry’s finest, Holly looks forward to bringing the latest in technology to real estate in the area.

In the last five years, you may have seen her walking around Flinders with an earpiece in, her phone never-too far away. Never-too far away either is her husband David Longmuir, a local builder and their three children – Jackson, Coco and Zali. Her desire to get back to her roots and a business opportunity closer to her home in Flinders are some of the reasons that she is so excited to be the new owner of RT Edgar Flinders.

M  0425 737 674    E  h.longmuir@rtedgarflinders.com.au