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Sophie Clark

Sophie Clark -
Sales Consultant

Shortly after joining RT Edgar in 2016 as a property manager, Sophie’s talents in marketing and negotiation were quickly recognised. This led to an invitation to join RT Edgar’s Toorak sales team, where her skills have most definitely come to the fore.

Hailing from a planning and event management background, and with a Commerce degree to her name, Sophie’s keen eye for detail, creative mind, engaging nature, and ability to quickly define the end-goal, all put her in good stead for the fast-paced demands of real estate sales, while still maintaining an outstanding rapport with clients.

Sophie is also highly adept at weaving emerging technologies and social media into marketing initiatives, thus allowing RT Edgar to tap into a broader market sphere and actively engage with more prospective purchasers.

A natural high-achiever, Sophie is an accomplished equestrienne, having achieved world-ranking in the discipline of Three Day Eventing, and counts her beloved Hungarian visla, Finn amongst her keenest fans.

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