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Svetlana Hudson

Svetlana Hudson -
Sales Consultant

Svetlana is a seasoned real estate professional with a passion for property and people. With accomplishments within the Interior Design, Construction, Project Management and Property Presentation realm equips Svetlana with a unique combination of skills to support both property sellers and buyers. Svetlana adds significant value to clients by promoting the fundamental importance of property presentation – ultimately providing outstanding market exposure and improving sales performance.

A known professional in the property industry for almost 20 years, Svetlana consistently demonstrates her ability to connect with people and nurture relationships. With a solid reputation built on respect, values and trust, Svetlana offers a service well above the highest standards. Svetlana’s level of professionalism highlights the crucial ingredient that ‘communication is the key’ in ensuring the success of property transactions.

Svetlana is affiliated with a multitude of clientele representing very strong networks predominantly throughout the Boroondara municipality.

‘Consistent Communication + Well Earned Respect = Client Satisfaction + Repeat Referrals’.

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