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Tahnee Campbell

Tahnee Campbell -
Senior Property Manager

Since 2013, Tahnee has been successfully managing the valuable investment properties for a diverse range of owners by securing reliable, high-quality tenants, and helping to build trusted relationships between landlords and residents based on timely communication, mutual respect and an unbiased approach to resolving issues.

From marketing new lettings to assessing applications, liaising with clients, and swiftly following up on maintenance needs, Tahnee’s experience and expertise spans the full range of responsibilities required of a professional property manager in Melbourne’s demanding and ever-changing rental market. However, it’s her warm, empathetic and grounded nature, together with her meticulous attention to detail that has earned her the widest respect from homeowners, tenants and colleagues alike.

Her readiness to embrace a challenge extends to her love of travel and adventure – whether taking off on an overseas adventure or heading up to the Murray River with her family for a weekend of boating, jet-skiing and relaxing.

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