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Daniel Abdou

Daniel Abdou -
Sales Consultant

Ambition, diligence and a desire to achieve success for his vendors and himself are the values that have brought Daniel Abdou to the real estate industry. As an ambitious young professional who understands that hard work breeds success, Daniel began achieving his goals from an early age. Working in the Telecommunications industry with his father while still at school, Daniel continues a tradition of working and studying equally hard – completing a degree in Building and Construction while working full time.

Nevertheless, Daniel admits that while study is necessary, he prefers people to text books. For him, listening to vendors, talking to potential buyers and making the sale are the best learning experiences. Never one to dream small, Daniel’s goal is to be a recognised and respected name in the real estate industry and to maintain his passion. Interested in every aspect of the business, Daniel is inspired by the successes of his real estate focused family.

A first generation Australian with a Hungarian mother Valerie and an Egyptian father Ehab with an interest in developing, Daniel has seen first-hand the rewards of working hard (and smart) in the property industry. A former student at both Brighton Grammar School and Haileybury College, Daniel is a natural athlete, whose love of sport saw him competing at First level in multiple sports, including from a young age in his much-loved soccer.

Today, as the demands of the real estate business take most of his time, Daniel still manages to channel significant energy into his fitness but for this energetic young agent, there’s always plenty left over for clients! A fantastic carlton supporter and love of people, Daniel’s energy will ensure his success in real estate at RT Edgar.

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