James Hatzolos

James Hatzolos

Director, Auctioneer
Suite 1, 888 Doncaster Road Doncaster East

M 0418 518 694
E [email protected]

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James Hatzolos took his first steps on the path to real estate success back in 1992 when, at the age of 21, he began his real estate apprenticeship in the rental market in the inner northern suburbs. It didn´t take long for his talent to be recognised by none other than Barry Plant himself, who personally handpicked and recruited him into a role that saw James rise through the ranks to a management position, then becoming a Director of the most successful office in one of Victoria´s largest real estate networks. During 24 years with the one group, James produced sales and management records that still set the standard in Melbourne´s eastern suburbs.

With the support of his wife and two beautiful daughters, he then decided that he was ready to create a new vision of what real estate in the eastern suburbs should be. Joining forces with one of the most successful and long-standing names in Melbourne real estate – RT Edgar, James has committed to meeting and exceeding the constantly changing needs of today´s consumer. These are needs that extend beyond the local market to a global audience, where new technology is changing the way property is showcased. As a highly accomplished and respected auctioneer, a sought-after industry trainer, a skilled negotiator and a long-term local resident, James has an intimate knowledge of the market that enables him to deliver real value to his clients, whether they are buying, selling, investing or developing.

James is now looking forward to extending the remarkable RT Edgar success story into the areas where his personal track record of excellence is so well known.