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Katie Taplin

Katie Taplin -
Sales Assistant


Personal Assistant to Vicki Sayers for the past two years, an easy synergy between these two passionate property advocates makes for a seamless client experience.

Katie was literally nurtured on real estate. Raised by her real estate career Mum, Katie grew up immersed in Mornington Peninsula people and properties. Alumni of Toorak and Padua Colleges, Katie brings an intimate appreciation for the location along with extensive local contacts.

Katie’s laidback charm and overseas travel early in her career saw her working for prestigious real estate agency Bradford and Bingley in Bath in the UK and Jellis Craig in Hawthorn when she came back to Australia.

“Unlocking the incredible histories behind grand properties changed the way I saw real estate and fuelled the passion,” she said.

Katie is the organisational genius behind this energetic duo. You’ll find Katie looking polished and calm, welcoming prospective buyers at open houses, despite the flurry of coordinating photo shoots, styling, marketing and all the other activities that free Vicki up to do what she does exceptionally well – list and sell property.

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