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Vicki Sayers - "Relationships not Transactions"

Vicki Sayer’s values are straightforward; “Be kind, energetic and useful”. Her sales team and service strategy are structured to reflect these values. Her standard of service is more about relationships and less about transactions and from there opportunity flows.

Vicki Sayers’ achievements since she opened her Mt Eliza office are remarkable. She was the first woman to be named REIV Sales Person of the Year in 2017 and went on to claim that prize for three consecutive years thereafter. In 2019, she was named Executive Sales Person of the year. Her Mount Eliza agency is thriving. There’s lots to be proud of but ask Vicki what makes her most proud and without missing a beat she says “my team”- and that team are all women. Vicki is quick to point out though that this is by default not design.
“I don’t employ people because they are female, but because they are the best person for the job, their values and goals are aligned with mine.”

Vicki’s values are straightforward. “Be kind, energetic and useful”. Her sales team and service strategy are structured to reflect these values. “We have created a standard of service that is more about relationships and less about transactions. Be authentic, with great energy and passion and from there opportunity will flow”, she says.

For Vicki “family is why we are all here and working”. She is a busy mum and so her priority in shaping her business has been to ensure that flexibility allows everyone, whether male or female, to participate fully in the industry and progress their careers without having to sacrifice the other roles they play as parents, carers and partners. Acceptance that family commitments shouldn’t have to take second place to work, means that Vicki’s team has to operate flexibly and she admits that this requires give and take from everyone to ensure that opportunities for growth are available to all. For Vicki’s team, this works.

Vicki nurtures talent and provides opportunities for career progression by actively encouraging and supporting professional development. While she expects everyone in the team to keep their skills current and to challenge themselves to keep learning, she describes this as a “shared responsibility”. Vicki currently sponsors and supports two team members who are studying for their full agent’s licences. Time for study is incorporated into the work day and Vicki is on hand as mentor, advisor and champion. She has an open door policy and meets with her team weekly. Once a month the entire team catches up for lunch to celebrate and acknowledge successful outcomes and achievements. Everyone provides feedback, good bad or indifferent and the team workshops their ideas. “It’s so important that my staff feel valued and listened to” says Vicki. “That’s how we continue to expand and grow the team and the business”.

For anyone starting out in real estate Vicki’s advice is
“Love what you do and work hard. Immerse yourself in what you do and in your market place. If you know your market you can build relationships, from there you become a “trusted advisor” providing valuable and valued information and that brings people to you”.