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Spring into Action

Whether you’re selling a classic Victorian home, a breathtaking contemporary residence, or a sprawling historic estate, the appeal of a home is so often established well before interested buyers have even stepped foot on the property. It’s true that a good first impression is vital, and real estate is no different, which is why so much rides on the scene-setting power of a beautiful garden.

This is especially true during Melbourne’s glorious Spring months, when trees are blossoming, bulbs are blooming and all around, gardens are looking at their finest. But just as fashion and tastes change, so too do garden designs, and a poorly conceived outdoors space can be a serious deterrent – even subconsciously. While you probably can’t go wrong with a traditional rose and hedge garden when you’re selling a cottage, the more dramatic your landscaping – whether its part of the streetscape, or enjoyed in private – the greater the chances of missing the mark, unless you’ve entrusted the task to a professional landscape architect.

In fact, so prominent are Melbourne’s garden designers that many are finding their names mentioned in real estate listings right alongside the names of the architects and interior designers. It’s not surprising therefore, that a professionally tailored garden that not only creates an aesthetic appeal but also affords greater functionality and liveability, can add significant value to a home.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the avid beginner green thumb must be relegated to simply tidying up the potting shed. There is much to be said for a beautifully kept garden that is clearly tended with love and commitment, and complements the architecture of the home. But it’s probably wise to seek out a professional opinion before embarking on a project that would make even the great Capability Brown go weak at the knees.

Image Credit: Nathan Burkett Design – Award Winning Landscape Design Architect