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The Educated Address

Which suburbs put your children closer to Melbourne’s best schools?

As the new school year kicks off for 2017, the topic of scholastic choice is always a passionate one as spirited parents debate the merits of private versus state, single-gender versus mixed, mainstream versus alternative, and academically focused versus an all-round education. It means that the criteria for a ‘good’ school can be as diverse as the personalities in the playground.

One feature of a good school that’s high on most people’s list however, is proximity to home, and it is often an important deciding factor – not only in selecting a school, but also in selecting a new address when families are looking to move.

Back in May 2016 we discussed how school catchment zones can increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars, but the benefits of close proximity and ease of access to a good school can play an important factor in how much a child enjoys their school years and can even impact on how well that child does.

A school that can be reached simply and safely by bike or on foot adds valuable exercise time into a child’s daily routine. It can also be an opportunity for additional social interaction with peers.

If walking or cycling are not an option, convenient public transport connections will be important. The need to change trains, trams or buses mid-journey not only requires extra time but can also add unneeded stress to a child’s daily routine – especially if there are music lessons, sports practice or club gatherings to get to after school. And many parents are all too well aware that if a child is involved in numerous extra-curricular activities, then the only transport option available is mum or dad’s ‘taxi’, so while living near a good school won’t necessarily solve this problem, it can certainly reduce travel time and make life a lot easier for families.

So which suburbs have the best schools? A recent survey published on realestateview.com.au ranked the top ten suburbs in each capital city based on the quality of their schools. The ranking is based on academic results, but the article does acknowledge that “…when it comes to education, the term ‘best’ is open to interpretation.”

If you are looking to move homes in 2017, and access to key schools are a priority, these locations should be kept top-of-mind:

  • Camberwell East
  • Canterbury
  • Balwyn
  • Balwyn East
  • South Yarra (Domain Road precinct)
  • South Yarra and Toorak (riverbank precinct)
  • Glen Iris
  • South Melbourne
  • Auburn South